Partners & Volunteers

Partners and volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Without them, we would not effectively and comprehensively deliver programs and services to thousands of children each year.

Our Partners

Our partners include public schools, colleges and universities, health and social services organizations, and corporations. They are critical in helping us provide vital services such as teen parent counseling, health and nutrition services, fatherhood programs, literacy education, and childcare skills training. For information on partnering with Family Development Services, call 317-803-3803.

Our volunteer opportunities

Our volunteer opportunities include the following: center support; administrative support, facility projects, self-assessment reviewer, nap time buddies, home school connection packet assembler and special projects. Per state licensing regulations, any person who donates more than 8 hours per month at a center is subject to the same requirements as our employees.  To find out more about volunteering at Family Development Services, contact our Community Liaison at 317-803-3803.