Stephanie Moore

I chose Head Start because I attended Head Start as a child and benefited a lot from my experience. Head Start teaches children many skills they will need to know entering kindergarten but are not likely to be exposed to in the home or daycare. For example, some of those benefits are walking in a line, group trip to the restroom and just the overall experience of a class room setting. My child’s teachers are like family.  I talk with them daily about my child’s progress. They tell me when she has had an awesome day or on the other hand when she is having issue following directions.  The daily communication gives me information I need to correct or reward my child’s behavior. The thing I notice most about Head Start Program is the increase on my child’s vocabulary.  She uses many words that I have not introduced her to and I think that is awesome!  Also, they have introduced ways children can handle emotions (angry, sadness and excitement to name a few) which is a lifelong skill! I am overall completely satisfied with my experience with the Head Start Program and would encourage all parents to enroll their child because they teach children all the necessary skill for success in Kindergarten. IndianaMay 29, 2015